Sunday, August 7, 2011

Engagement Photos

Joel's younger brother is getting married next month and so we were looking at their engagement photos, which inspired us to find OUR engagement photos and take a look at them again. Joel's older brother was visiting and had never seen them which made me realize that I didn't actually show anybody, I don't think, the engagements that we didn't use. We had a good laugh looking at them and hope that you will too.*

*Disclaimer: These photos are very entertaining. Please do not use them for any "awkward engagement photo" websites or anything like it.

This first one is a great one. We are in a cemetery and Joel is actually SITTING on the giant ball of a headstone.

This next one was also taken at the cemetery, but in a different part. This was taken way at the back at what is essentially a dump. This is where they dispose of all the trash and dead flowers that people leave on graves. We also have a nice industrial themed background and of course a perfect touch of class with the caption spray painted there on the cement.

Here we have your classic front cover of the touching movie involving the girl's ghost coming back to quietly guide and direct the troubled lover back to a life of do-gooding and peace after her tragic death by car accident ... caused by him in a drunken stupor. Classic.

And last but not least we have the traditional peek-a-boo engagement photo but with the added bonus of the remains of the burned out tabernacle in the background.