Thursday, May 5, 2016

30 Before 30

This is the year that I go from being young, fun, and attractive to being old, and bitter, and wrinkly.  To make this transition a little more fun and less depressing I decided to make a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 in November.  I got the idea from my friend Joanna who did this a couple of years ago when she was turning 25.  Some of them are small and easily accomplished, some are things I've never done before and I've always wanted to, and some are going to cost a lot of money.  But I've got to live it up now because as soon as I'm 30 I'm just going to be boring and middle-aged!

Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
Read 5 classics
Repaint my coat rack and shoe bench
Go fruit picking
Host a tea party
Learn to knit
Hike Mt. Wachusetts
Learn a difficult piano piece
Stand Up Paddle Board on Walden Pond
Sew a dress
Go to the temple once a month
Visit MA's top swimming holes
Plant a flower garden
Index 500 batches (I've never indexed so I don't know if this is a lot)
Make homemade ice cream
Visit a foreign country
Take a dance class
Go skinny dipping
Host a karaoke party
See a musical on Broadway
Read the Book of Mormon
Go rock climbing
Build something out of wood
Take a road trip
Visit Boston's historical sites
Journal once a week
Go to Palmyra
Take a class
Make homemade bread
Go to a drive-in movie

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Goings On

We saw this "Joel Rubbish" trash can after we had a few weeks of frustrating experiences after moving to MA.  It just felt like the universe was telling us, hey you guys, don't expect much, your life is going to be just rubbish now.

My cute little girl

Oskar and Ivy during knowledge time.

I found Oskar out here "fishing" on the log.  What he really was doing was pulling trash out of the water with a stick.  But at least he had a helmet on.

SNOW ... and Ivy's snowsuit.  She looks so fat and ridiculous, I love it.

Oskar's t-ball parade

Paddle boarding with Sarah.  Oskar was so calm and happy the entire time we were out out on the water.  I can't wait to get some of these boards, we're going to be out on the lake all the time.

Ivy in front of Ralph Waldo Emerson's home.


Louisa May Alcott

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My two cheeses

Our First Visitors

Joel went to Israel for work so Grandma and Grandpa came to babysit me and the kids.  They helped with the kids and helped fix things around the house.  It was great to have them here and we all missed after they left.

Presenting the CUSTOM made window seat.  Mom did and A+ excellent job making this beautiful seat and Dad did a great job modeling it.