Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just a Sweet Picture

Just a sweet picture of my sweet baby.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Aquisitions and Creations

Joel is a real opportunist.  When he sees something on the side of the road he very frequently brings it home. In our apartment right now the following things were found by the side of the road: hutch, giant barrel, child's chairs, industrial shelf, child's desk, bookshelf, plates, canned food, teaspoons, tupperware, end table, AND this table and chairs pictured below.

We also have a long list of things we have gotten from the dollar store too, mostly cookies and chips, but you'd be amazed the stuff our dollar store sells here.  We bought these dishes from there recently, only $16 for the set.

When Joel brings in stuff off the street I'm usually ... less than thrilled about it.  But this table and chairs I was actually excited about.  The big problem with it were the used chair cushions.  So we made a deal that we could keep them if Joel would reupholster the chairs.  We picked out some fabric and he did it!  And I think they look really good.

I MADE THIS TIE!  It's, as Joel said when he first saw it, got some problems but I think okay for my second sewing project.  I didn't even get too frustrated this time.  Well I guess that's not quite true.  I couldn't find a safety pin to pull it through with and I was getting really frustrated but I used an earring to do the job and it worked well enough.

AAAnd I made these too.  Most of my craft project I get from sisters and this is no exception.  Except I made two and they only made one.  Take that!

Look at this tempting morsel.

Oskar found our stash.

He couldn't get enough.
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The Beach

Today it was so warm!  My car said it was 89 degrees at noon!  So we went to the beach.  It was Oskar's second time but the first time he was too little to play.  This time he got to experience everything and boy did he love it.  Mostly he loved eating sand, go figure.  This boy doesn't like to eat ANYTHING.  But give him some sand and he can't hold back.  He also loved just picking it up and letting it all fall through his fingers.  The water was pretty cold but I did get my feet wet a couple times.  Oskar didn't like the cold water much and would cling to whoever was holding him when we got close to the water.  But mostly he loved our day at the beach.

Joel took him to chase the birds.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13 Months

My baby is 13 months today, on Elijah's birthday!!  Happy birthday, Elijah!

Oskar is a full fledged walker now.  He only crawls when he tries to run away from someone and falls down.  The walking came on so fast I didn't really have a chance to get him used to shoes so when we go to the park he wants to walk around but doesn't want to wear shoes.  So we're working on that.

He loves to create obstacle courses with the chairs even though he usually has a hard time completing them without hurting himself.

He has learned a few baby signs so far like more and milk and food.  I don't know very many signs myself so I need to learn some more and teach him.  He says Mama when he wants something.  Like right now he wants to sit on my lap and bang on the computer so he's saying Mama over and over.  He also says buh occasionally when prompted to say bye.  He understands what others say pretty well.  Whenever I ask him to get something like my keys or Richard (his lion) or a block or his book, he knows what I'm saying and will go get it.

He's got four teeth now, two on top and two on bottom, and two more are looking like they're making their way down on top.  We have Naya to thank for the latest front tooth.  Thanks Naya!!

Oskar is still slacking a lot in the food area.  Nothing has really changed since we started feeding him solid foods.  He will take one or two bites and then be done.  He still has milk all day long.  He doesn't throw up nearly as much anymore thankfully  Although when he gets any kind of sickness it does involve throwing up at least a couple times a day, but when he's not sick we don't really have to deal with it except for once or twice a week maybe, sometimes less.  We're going back to the specialist next week and I really hope she doesn't try to tell me that he still has reflux because I just don't believe it.  But I do hope she gives me some ideas on how to get him to eat more solid food.

My sweet Oskar is so fun, he is so smiley and laughs a lot and has TONS of energy.  I love him so much and I'm so glad I get to be his Mama!!
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Day at Disneyland

Some of Joel's family was in town this last week and part of their vacation was going to Disneyland for a couple of days.  We weren't going to go originally but decided that it would be our Valentine's Day present to each other.  And I'm glad we went because it was really fun!

I was more into the rides and Joel was more into the ... details.  He took Oskar to Mickey's house and they got to meet him twice, once as normal Mickey and once as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.  Normally the line to see him is pretty long but we went on a slower day and it was only a 10 minute wait.  We also saw Goofy and Daisy but didn't stop to take pictures with them.  Alice walked by us and told Oskar he needed more sugar.  I was kind of offended.  As if I need random people on the street giving me their opinion about how he's too small!

Oskar got sick the day after Disneyland and I'm pretty sure this is why.  

Almost his size!

I think Oskar wasn't too sure about this Mickey.

Even babies at Disneyland get to go on a lot of rides.  We went on a lot of the kid rides, Dumbo, Snow White, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Winnie the Pooh, etc. and even some not as kid friendly like Pirates of the Caribbean.  Both Peter Pan and Pirates have portions of the ride where you have a drop and Oskar didn't really like it.  He held on to me really tightly and kind of whined but never cried.  

Hail, King Oskar.

There were people who stopped and watched Oskar try to pull out the sword because he's so gosh darn cute.

This was on the Dumbo ride.  Oskar put his mouth on the lever in this one too.  I swear I try to stop him but he's so fast!

Dave, Lisa, and Chris went on Indiana Jones first and then the plan was to have them watch the kids so we could go with our spouses.  The other group went first and ended up getting stuck on the ride twice!  And when they finally got through it, the ride was closed down.  So we thought we weren't going to be able to ride it, but they opened it back up shortly after.   Joel was holding my hand REALLY tight the entire way so I think he was a little scared.

We got to go on some adult rides too, Indiana Jones, the Matterhorn, and Space Mountain.  Apparently the line for Space Mountain is always REALLY long but we were super lucky and only had to wait in line for maybe 5 minutes, and that was without fast passes!  It was my first time on this ride and I loved it!

On the Peter Pan ride

And the carousel 

Joel and three of his brothers

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Saturday, February 2, 2013