Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Zoo and Baseball Game

We had a fun week and a half of visitors recently.  Joel's parents came for about five days and stayed with us two nights and my good friend Sarah came for another five or six days.  Oskar loved having extra people in the house and wasn't a great sleeper just because he was so excited to wake up and see his friends.
With Sarah we went to the zoo!  We actually bought passes to the zoo so now we can go whenever we want.  It's a pretty big place so even though we didn't get to see everything this time we can go back and make sure we see everything multiple times.

My favorite animal to see is the hippo and we were lucky enough to be visiting them during lunch so we got to see their HUGE mouths and teeth up close.  Oskar's favorite, at least the one he kept asking to see, was the lion.  Unfortunately when we visited them they were very sleepy and not much fun to look at.  Sarah taught Oskar some fun facts about animals and now if you ask him why flamingos are pink he'll tell you.  Because they eat pink shrimp!

They have a children's area and included in that is a petting zoo.  Mostly there were goats roaming around but there was one huge sheep.  We didn't get to pet him though because he spent the whole time napping in the roped off area where the children weren't supposed to go.  Oskar loved petting and loving on the goats and they were either so used to children or drugged because they didn't mind at all.

Peaches and Oskar

I don't remember what kind of deer this was but it looked so awesome as it was eating leaves off the tree.

Here Oskar was asking Peaches if she was asleep.

We got to go to a baseball game when Joel's parents were in town, it was at Dodger Stadium and they were playing the White Socks.  Oskar did pretty well, he only threw one or two fits and Joel took care of it by taking him to vacant seats and played catch with him.

Oskar's favorite thing from the game were these Hello Kitty bobbleheads that they gave everybody who was at the game.  He calls them his Baseball Kitties.

Grandmother and Pop

Even though we asked multiple people after the game Oskar was not allowed on the field :(

Monday, June 2, 2014

No Risk Used Cars - Billy

Joel did this commercial before we were married I think.  And for some reason recently every time I go on YouTube it comes up and, of course, I have to watch it.  It's a thing of beauty!