Sunday, March 26, 2017

Oskar's 5th Birthday

I was looking back at some early posts on this blog and realized I need to do a better job documenting things because it's basically journaling and if I don't do it I'll forget everything.  So we'll see how it goes.

Around Oskar's 5th birthday Portland/Vancouver and much of Oregon got an unprecedented amount of snowfall!  The Northwest is not equipped to deal with this kind of snow and ice so the roads were so terrible and nearly unusable for weeks.  This was around when I was 37-38 weeks pregnant and I was so scared I was going into labor and have to call an ambulance to drive me to the hospital.  I guess that's one good reason that I went overdue, by the time I finally went into labor the snow had been gone for a week or two.

This is the view from the front window out to the cul-de-sac.  You can see in the distance the garbage and recycling bins, the snow was about halfway up them.  It was so deep!

Oskar and Ivy had a few good days of playing in the snow.

For Oskar's birthday he requested that we go bowling and go to Chuck E. Cheese.  We had a coupon for a local bowling alley so we went bowling in the morning.  They also gave the birthday boy a giant ice cream sundae.  Naturally I ate most of it and it was huge and delicious.

Oskar and Joel bowled and I think Joel only beat Oskar by a few points.  It wasn't a good day for him.

In the evening we went to Chuck E. Cheese and invited some friends along with us.  

And then we went home and had dinner and birthday cake.  This year Oskar requested a Bumblebee cake and I did my very best (with Joel's help).

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Weirdest Child

We always call Ivy our weirdest child because we so often find her and hear her saying the funniest weird stuff.  It's probably mostly her age and the rest is because Joel is her father.

This is less funny and more scary but the other day Joel was outside paying in the backyard with Oskar and I thought Ivy was with them.  When I didn't see her out there for a while I went and checked in the house but couldn't find her anywhere.  I ran out to the front yard and saw that she had gone through the open garage door and had was sitting on my skateboard, riding it across the street!  I was so glad I thought to look for her and that no car hit her as she was riding across the street.  If we don't keep a sharp eye on her she gets into trouble.

Some more fun things about her:

She is obsessed with pink.

She loves wearing her princess and ballerina dress up clothes that we got from Keri.

She told me that she wanted to go to Keri's house because our house was too messy and yucky.

She said she didn't want to get married in the temple because she wants to stay with Oskar.

When she sings the ABCs when she gets to the letter q she sings, "q-you-you-you-you-you-r-s ...".  

She sings the ABCs ten million times a day.

She's completely potty trained finally.  We started months ago before Alvie was born but I had to take a break because I couldn't get up and down all day long with her.

She loves Alvie to a dangerous level.

She was fascinated with Alvie's belly button when the umbilical cord was still drying out as well as his penis when he got circumcised.  She often talks in public places about how she likes Alvie's penis now that it's not yucky.

She talks our ear off just like Oskar did and still does.

She saw Grandma put curlers in her hair and wanted to be like her.

I found her napping like this.

I don't know.

Snacking on an apple.  If an apple is whole and not cut into slices she calls it a plain apple.

If we ever don't know where she is, the first place we check is Joel's office.  Most of the time she's banging on his computer.

Snacking on a banana.

She sat in this chair at Marshall's for a solid five minutes like this.

Feeding DeeDee

She always takes her clothes off even though it's pretty cold in our house.

If she does leave any clothes on she wears her pants like this.

She feeds DeeDee pills too apparently.  The seal is unbroken, don't worry.

Smiling for a picture.

She had to go to the bathroom while we were on a hike I guess.

She's still the cutest!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Alvin's Birth Story

Alvin’s Birth Story

My due date was January 22nd but I was pretty sure he was coming before then.  I felt like I was much bigger throughout this pregnancy plus I was so uncomfortable for such a long time I thought there was just no way my body was going to make it to the 22nd.  We decided to have a family contest about when the baby would come and the prize was the person who was the closest got to name the baby.  Initially both Ivy and Oskar said they wanted to name him Santa Claus but at some point Oskar changed his mind and wanted to name him Frederick.  Ivy guessed the 5th of January, I guessed the 12th, Joel guessed the 15th, and Oskar guessed the 25th.  I laughed at the thought of not having the baby until the 25th, it was just absurd.
The 22nd was a Sunday and the prior Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment.  At that appointment my doctor checked me and let me know that I was dilated to a 3.  When I went into the hospital with Ivy’s birth I was at a 2 so it was nice to know I was already farther along than that.  
My due date came and went and there was no baby.  I was very surprised as well as disapointed.  I was so uncomfortable I just didn’t want to be pregnant anymore.  Mom had come up the previous Friday to be here when the time came.  But day after day the time didn’t come.  I had braxton hicks pretty consistently for weeks but I did feel like they were coming stronger around and after my due date. On Monday Oskar took me on a walk at the park.  He rode his bike and I walked as fast and as bumpily as I could.  I kept asking him if he was ready to go home and he kept telling me we should do one more lap so the baby will come out.  
On the morning of Tuesday the 24th I had another doctor’s appointment at 11:15.  Before my appointment I had a few contractions, hard enough for me to feel like today was going to be the day.  Since I had the appointment it was nice to be able to get checked by the doctor and have a sense of what was going to happen without having to go into the hospital yet.  She checked me and said I was at a 3.5, not a big jump from a week earlier.  She asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes, which I didn’t because it sounded really painful, but had her do anyway because I was getting desperate.  Once she was done she said I was now dilated to a 4 and would probably have the baby in the next 24 hours.
After leaving the doctor’s office I had Joel take us by Burgerville to get a chocolate hazelnut shake because I was sure the baby was coming soon and I needed some strength.  We got my treat and went home, which was about 20 minutes away, at about 12:00 and then the contractions started coming stronger.  Mom decided to take Oskar and Ivy to Keri’s house for the night so they could go to Mari’s concert, so I had to get all of their things ready to go and switch the car seats into her car.  So I kept moving and taking care of things all while the contractions kept getting stronger.  I felt like I needed to go to the hospital but Mom told me to try and stay at home as long as possible.
They were finally ready to leave to go to Keri’s at around 2:00 and by then I was really ready to go to the hospital.  I wasn’t timing the contractions but they felt like they were coming faster than every five minutes and were strong enough to make me want to change my mind about having a baby.  They left for Keri’s and before we could leave for the hospital Joel wanted to take out all the trash and close the windows which I was really impatient with him about.  I just wanted to go to the hospital.
Finally at 2:30 we left for the hospital and I endured the most painful 20 minute drive of my life.  We got to the hospital, got checked in, and they took us to the triage room.  In the triage room I started asking for an epidural.  I was crying from the pain and wanted to get some drugs.  But the lady was as slow as molasses.  She had me change out of my clothes and checked me to discover that I was dilated to a 7.  I was really feeling it now and kept asking her when I was going to get an epidural.  She said they had to take my blood and so some other things before I could have one.  As I was standing in the triage room nearly butt naked because I was so focused on the contractions I wasn’t able to get my gown on, my water broke and gushed out like a giant water balloon was popped from deep within, and got all over the floor and my shoes.  At this point I was a little out of my mind.  I had to keep my hair in front of my face and shut my eyes tight to deal with the pain and I’m sure I looked like a feral creature.
They somehow got me onto the bed and checked me again, this time I was on my hands and knees, not able to move into a laying position, and I was dilated to an 8.5.  I kept asking and asking for an epidural but they kept putting me off which was making me real mad.  They wheeled me into the room, me clutching Joel’s hands too hard the entire time.  In the room I didn’t see what was going on because I was still focused under my hair with my eyes shut tight praying over and over for God to please help me but it felt like chaos.  People kept coming in and asking me questions, which I wasn’t really answering, and introducing themselves to me.  The anesthesiologist was nowhere to be found but they finally did get an IV in and take some blood, both of which I was not conscious to because that pain meant nothing compared to the contractions I was feeling.  I kept telling Joel and everybody else in the room that I couldn’t do it and I needed an epidural.  They told me that yes, I could do it but I really did 100% feel that I could not do it, it just wasn’t an option.  I felt the urge to push a few times but the people in the room, whoever they were, told me not to.
Eventually the anesthesiologist got his act together and gave me the epidural, who knows how far I was dilated when I finally got it, probably to a 10 and probably could have started pushing.  But I got the epidural and those glorious drugs worked within minutes.  The pain lessened and I turned back into a human being.  Pretty soon after getting the drugs I started pushing.  The doctor and the nurse were really great.  They were positive and upbeat and very patient.  The doctor thought it would only take 20 minutes to push but it ended up taking an hour and 15.  
At 5:30 PM the big guy was born at 9 lbs. 6 oz., 20 ¾ inches long, and a head measuring 14 inches.  Joel was right there the whole time being very helpful, I could not have done it without him, and his hands may never recover from the squeezing they got from me.  Before he came out but when his head was visible they asked if I wanted a mirror or to reach down and touch his head.  No way.  I never want to see what’s going on down there and I can wait to touch until he comes all the way out.  They took baby  boy out and plopped him right on my chest, he was covered in blood and goo, and was purple but started crying and kept crying which helped him turn the right color.  He started nursing almost immediately and nursed for about two hours straight.  He passed all his tests and we stayed in the hospital just one night before we named him Alvin Wilson Ackerman and brought him home.
Mom brought the kids to see him the next morning after he was born and they, Ivy especially, were completely enamored.  She kept kissing him and talking about baby brother.  Oskar was excited too but he was also pleased to just sit and play on the ipad.  Ivy still can’t leave him alone and wants to be next to him kissing him all the time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016, the first Christmas in our first house!  It was really fun to do our own thing this year. Santa left us a candy sculpture, a letter, and presents, and he treated us well this year, in fact a little too well.  Now Santa has a better idea for next year about how not to go overboard.  Oskar was so excited after he went downstairs with Joel he came back and jumped up on my bed and shouted, "Santa came!  This is such a THRILL!"  Ivy was excited but didn't show it nearly as much.  She opened one present and wanted to play with it and didn't care about opening anymore, we should have just got her one thing!  After opening presents we went to church and then drove up to Keri's house for Christmas dinner, which was deeeelicious.

It has snowed a few times this winter but last night was the biggest snowstorm of them all!  The snow started yesterday evening and went all night and into this morning.  I was so stressed I was going to go into labor and have to call 911 so I could get to the hospital.  The roads aren't clear yet so we're not totally safe but since I have no signs of going into labor I think we'll be okay.  Oskar and Ivy went out and played in it this morning and it was so deep Ivy kept getting stuck.  It was fun but I'm okay if it's just a once a year kind of day.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Pictures

A new friend in our new ward offered to do a quick 20 minute Christmas photo session for us a few weeks ago.  It was so nice of her and we really loved the pictures she took.  Joel knew he wanted to do a Tiny Tim picture with Oskar so he dressed himself and Oskar in period clothing and me and Ivy just wanted to dress up too.  It was funny because when we got to her house we realized she was planning on just taking pictures of the kids.  We felt pretty silly but she insisted we all get some pictures and they really turned out great.

I just want to blow this one up and print it out.  What a sweet picture!

And this little girl posed this way without being told to!

8 months pregnant is not a good time of life to get pictures taken.  Oh well.

"God bless us, every one!"