Sunday, November 29, 2015


Since our trip to Oregon and the redoing of our wedding pictures was my birthday present, for my actual birthday we went to Maren and Jared's apt. in Ontario and hung out with their family for the day.  We played, went to the park, where Elijah realized how cool I am with my rollerblading skills, and Maren made some delicious birthday cookies!

Grants Pass Visit

Monday, November 2, 2015

Science Museum and Six Flags

Grandma and Grandpa came and visited the beginning of October so they could attend Eva's baptism and see their California kids and grandkids.  One of the days we were here we went to the Science Center and FIDM.  Oskar kept seeing the advertisements for the Space Shuttle Endeavor and wanted to go, since we had never been, and it was free, we all drove down there to check it out.  It was really fun and we're already talking about going back.

 Oskar trying out the flying machine

 Weatherman Oskar

The last day we had with Mom and Dad was spent at Six Flags.  We scored cheap tickets from my friend who had complimentary passes that came as part of the season pass package.  Mom gave me the best birthday present by watching Oskar and Ivy in the kiddie area while Dad and I went on all the big roller coasters.  It was SO FUN.  It was close to Halloween so they had a time blocked out for trick-or-treating, so for part of the time Oskar and Ivy went around and around to all the rides getting a good haul of candy.  There were so few people in the park Oskar could ride the same rides over and over.  There was only one ride that had a long line that Dad and I went on, the rest we hardly had to wait at all.