Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baseball Boy


Oskar:  Can you wake up?
Jamie:  I am awake.
Oskar:  Can you wake up normally?  (Meaning, can you wake up and get out of bed, not just lay there)

Looking at a picture baby Lena:
"She's a dickens little baby!"

Jamie:  You like Jesus?  I like Jesus too. He loves us, huh?
Oskar:  I sure love him too!

Oskar was doing something he wasn't supposed to.
Grandma:  You're such a ... a...
Oskar:  Dickens!!

Me saying something
Oskar:  What's that noise your'e talking to?

"Talk about the letters or talk about the words." (read to me)

In the car:
Oskar: talking gibberish
Jamie:  what does that mean?
Oskar:  talking more gibberissh
Jamie:  What does THAT mean?
Oskar:  I don't know and I don't care.

"Good job driving, Mom!"

"There's a bee in my mouth." (anytime there is a peel of a fruit or a piece of food he doesn't like)

Jamie:  What are you doing?
Oskar:  I'm enjoying baseball!

Oskar came into Joel's office:
Oskar: Are you enjoying your work, Dad?

Keeps asking whenever he sits on his little wooden chair:
Oskar: How are you, Mom?
Jamie:  I'm good, how are you?
Oskar:  I'm good.

As we were driving up to the church:
Oskar:  Our church!  Listen to the Spirit.

We walked by a pile of dog poop and Oskar bent down to touch it.  I told him not to touch poop, it's gross, and that the poop was there because the owner was being irresponsible and didn't pick it up.
Oskar:  Maybe Santa should give the dog hands for Christmas and he can pick up the poop!

Oskar always asks us what we're doing and if we're enjoying what we're doing.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby Sister

Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby as well as find out general health information.  I was a little nervous going in because I was afraid she would be small which would mean there was a greater likelihood of me having pre-eclampsia again.  At the 14 week appointment they told us the baby was a girl and I felt like she was still a girl but I was excited to find out for sure.  The best news of the day was that everything looked perfectly normal and healthy.  She isn't small for her gestational age and the doctor said there would be no need to have another utrasound this pregnancy.  Of course that doesn't mean I won't have pre-eclampsia again but I feel like maybe it does mean that.  I'm only halfway through so I've got a lot of time to worry about it.
I think she looks like Oskar.

And this is the creepiest ultrasound I've ever seen.  It looks like she's smiling right at us but with a skeleton face.  Little trickster.