Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giving Up

I've given up nursing Oskar. And I feel pretty terrible about it. I tried everything and I still lost my milk and he wouldn't nurse at all most of the time. We had a day or two where he was doing great but then he changed his mind and wanted the easy food again. So it sucks. I've been trying to think about the good things that will come of this, like being able to really exercise, and wear a bra that doesn't make my boobs super saggy, and no more pumping, and eating normal again. But I would still rather nurse him, I guess that doesn't matter though. The good news is he's still really cute and precious and I love him so much.

I went back to the dentist yesterday, but this time it was a good dentist who numbed my mouth topically before he gave me the 7 shots in my mouth, unlike the stupid dentist who didn't numb me or even warn me that he was sticking a needle in my gums over and over. The new dentist had to completely take out the filling and redo the root canal that the other stupid mean dentist did. He put a post in my tooth and put a crown on it so now you can't even tell that it was broken. We did have to pay for the crown but it was worth it, especially since he said if I didn't have the crown I probably would have to get the tooth pulled eventually. Joel threatened to sue the mean dentist but I'm sure I signed something when I went in there saying I wouldn't sue no matter how incompetent the guy is.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun with Nipples

Things are going pretty well for us around here. There are still some days when I get completely overwhelmed but I usually snap out of it after not too long. Oskar has started breastfeeding, which is so awesome and makes me so happy. All of the pumping I've been doing for months and the drastic changes to my diet are totally worth it if I can nurse him. It's just easier and it's better for him and it simplifies my life. Right now I'm nursing him 2-3 times a day and pumping the rest of the time. The pediatrician wants to limit it to only a few times a day because when he gets a bottle we fortify the milk and make it higher calorie than just breastmilk. But I think that will change pretty soon because he'll be big enough we don't have to worry about it.

He's also eating like a champ. He is a very punctual eater. Most of the time he voices that he's hungry and ready to eat about 5-10 minutes before the three hour mark. And then he acts like he's STARVING. He'll wail and screech and suck on the binkie ferociously until I get some food in his mouth. It's actually pretty funny. Before we went to the hospital the latest time he was eating about two ounces, and then once they changed the nipple he was on to a slow flow nipple he started eating only an ounce and a half, if we were lucky. So we put the kaibosh on that stupid nipple as soon as we got home and gave him the one he was used to and he started eating two ounces again pretty soon after.

We have an appointment this Friday to have him circumcised which is going to be so sad! I wasn't set on him having it done since, number one, it hurts him, and number two, it's a cosmetic surgery so insurance won't even cover it. But Joel feels strongly that it should be done so here we are. But I'm not going, no way, Joel is going to have to take care of this one by his lonesome.

Also on Friday we'll get to find out his weight and I have high hopes that he'll be close to 7 pounds.

I'm still waking up every three hours during the night to feed him but it's actually getting easier. I think my body is getting used to it and my Motherstrength is kicking in.

A week or two ago I went in for my 6 week checkup and had a Pap smear while I was there. Then today I got the results back that were kind of confusing and I ended up thinking I might have cervical cancer. So I freaked out and cried and told Joel that if I die he's going to get remarried and forget all about me. Then I called the doctor and he said there were abnormal cells but that it's NOT cancer and I just need to have another Pap smear in a year. So I felt better.

I also got a notice today that I have to go to court. I got a ticket after Christmas and because of the whole emergency C-section and baby in the NICU thing didn't get around to paying it until after it was due and had incurred a late fee. But when I called to pay the ticket they said I just had to send in a paper that explained why I was late paying it. So I did and thought all was forgiven until today when I was summoned to court. So that's coming up the first of April. Stupid people.

We decided that Oskar is going to get blessed during Conference weekend so Mom and Dad can be here. We're going to do it on Sunday evening at Joel's parents' house.

And we're still planning on going back to California as soon as it makes sense, so who knows how long that will be.

I think that's it for now.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Say Whaaaat

Mom wanted me to get a picture of The Precious in the cute preemie outfit she got him. This is officially the last preemie outfit he fits into. Bring it on newborn size.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What we do

This is what we do with Oskar for a large part of the day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Smiley Baby

Oskar is thrilled to be home from the hospital and off oxygen. And I am too.