Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beginning our Life in the Northwest

This is just a random smattering of pictures I've taken in the last month.  We've been very busy with Joel going to LA for two weeks for work and house hunting.  

The house hunt has been ... interesting.  We found a house that we liked and made sense on paper but was at the top of our price range, we put in an offer, and then ended up not feeling good about it so we backed out.  Now we're back where we started.  Soon after saying never mind to the first house I found the most beautiful, perfect house that was also at the top of our price range but was my dream home.  I wanted to put in an offer on it but, of course, Joel didn't like it.  So we're still looking.  Everything Joel likes, I hate, and everything I like, he finds boring.  So I don't know how this is going to work out but I'm hoping we can find something soon.  Living in a two bedroom apartment with the two crazies and being 22 weeks pregnant is not a great combination.

Other than the stress of trying to find a house I LOVE living in the Northwest.  As soon as I got here it just felt like home.  And without trying we happened to find an apartment that was within walking distance of my BFF Jamie D.!  So now I get to see her all the time and I'm loving it.

Ivy showing her muscles

Keri gave Lena and Ivy "Tinkerbell hair"

At least these two are having fun looking at houses!

Finding fun spots to hide in, in our apartment.

Ivy with pigtails!  

Baby #3

Finally, at nearly 22 weeks along, we were able to have the mid-pregnancy ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby!  I was 100% sure it was a girl and had a name picked out and everything.  Oskar really wanted a little brother, since he already has a little sister he said, but I tried to warn him that it was probably a girl and that he shouldn't be too disappointed.  Well I was wrong and Joel and I were both very surprised.  There were so many times in the last two huge moves I wanted to get rid of the bags and bags of baby boy clothes I have accumulated but now I'm really glad I didn't.  There are no boy names I currently like so I guess I better start thinking!

This is how he was positioned the entire ultrasound, knees to his nose.  I guess he wanted to make it ABUNDANTLY clear he was a boy.  Joel asked the ultrasound tech probably three times if she was sure and she kept showing him the crotch shot and saying, yes, she was very sure.