Thursday, February 26, 2009

The man

I am in my fourth year at Brigham Young University. I have taken many classes from many different teachers. To this day my favorite teacher of all time is a man named Professor Fluhman, or BroFlu as me and Jared like to call him, professor of Church History. He is HILARIOUS! I took American Christianity from him a year or so ago with Jared and now I'm taking the first half of D&C and getting a serious kick out of it. I have a compilation of sorts of the things he has said in his classes, some were in other classes and I am including them though I wasn't actually there.

We were having a haggling session about the next midterm, and two girls wanted him to post the study guide around Friday evening so they could start working on it. Professor Fluhman looked at these girls in utter disbelief, asking them to confirm the fact that they were actually planning to start studying for it ON THE WEEKEND. They said they were serious, so he said he would try to get it posted, but that they both had to promise to get some social time in "On Friday and Saturday". They nodded. Fluhman adds: "With boys." (class laughs) girl: "But that's not fair!" Fluhman: "It IS fair and it's the divine plan of an ETERNAL GOD." [aside] "Was that to forceful?"

"I am terrified of mice. If there were a mouse in this room, I would be the first one bolting for the door and I would be pushing women to the side."

"For lunch I had a protein shake, a V8, and a handful of almonds. I am about five seconds away from eating this wall....I hate health."

"quoting" Parley P. Pratt saying Signey Rigdon would be a good convert:
"I got a guy here, Rigdon, I think he's gonna dig what we got"

"is it hotter than blazes in here, or is it my sweater vest?"

someone asked what evangelicals thought we would be doing in heaven:
“kick it, comma, glorify god”

part of the syllabus:
"Other similar activities are egregious violations of class policy and will be answered with a steaming cup of wrath, filled to the brim and overflowing."

“paraphrasing the Lord’s always tricky business”

Concerning discussions with of grace/works with Protestants:
“you give me a Paul and I take your Paul and raise you a Jesus”

Concerning teenagers:
“they know a heck of a lot more about X-Box than ETERNAL TRUTH!”

Talking about when Joseph Smith asked for a vote at an early General Conference to remove Oliver Cowdery from his office and Hyrum offered a counter vote right after:
“you want to throw him back in my face? Great. Thanks Church. [aside] I’m paraphrasing”

Talking about a mother’s cunning ways of getting her children to go to mutual:
“some ecclesiastical chops with that guilt trip”

Don't worry, there will be more to come, the semester is only half over.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Weekend Vacation to Lake Havasu

For President's Day weekend we wanted to get out of Provo. At first we were going to go to Oregon but changed our minds because the drive was too long and the roads were bad. We didn't really have a second choice of where we wanted to go so two days before we were to leave we all sat down, got on Google maps, and tried to find somewhere to go. Our only stipulations were that it was warm (that was mine), and that it was close (that was also mine). After much deliberation we decided that we were to go to Lake Havasu, Arizona. It was 8 hours away and 65 degrees. Thus we went. You will see the pictures from the trip in reverse order because I didn't want to figure out how to do it in order. I didn't have any more pictures that told a story but I still wanted to explain the subsequent posts in this post so this one is pictures of me...I have no explanation. Enjoy.

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The End

We went to Las Vegas on our way home from Lake Havasu and stopped at F.A.O. Schwartz to look at all the toys. They have the piano from the movie Big and I couldn't remember what pose they strike in the movie so I just stood there. It's almost as good.
Here we were doing a rendition of the popular hit of the 80s entitled "Thriller". Some of you may have heard of it.
It started raining as we were walking through Las Vegas. Did I mention I hate that place? I hate that place, with a steaming cup of passion.
Here we are in the Bellagio I think it was. We were tired and hated everyone.
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telephone booth modeling shoot

Since we were in London we decided to take advantage of the telephone booth and have a modeling shoot. Also I only took tie-dye shirts to wear. That is why I'm wearing it in all the pictures.

Eat it Tyra.
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The London Bridge

Me and Halley are contemplating why the London Bridge is no longer in London. We didn't come up with any explanations except for the correct one in which there is a Worm Hole in the middle of Arizona.

So much confusion was experienced on this part of the trip.
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So Much More

The temperature in Lake Havasu was about 65 degrees at it's best. The low day was in the 50s. So on the warmer day we braved the lake and actually went swimming in it. As soon as we were done though we had to go to the heated pool and hot tub that we also had access to, to get warm. This picture was taken after we had gone swimming in both the lake and the hot tub and had taken showers (there were also showers available to us, it was pretty rough out there). Another interesting tidbit about both this picture and the entire trip was that everybody embraced the medium of the graphic novel...even me. I was the hardest to convert but when our friend Brent got us all Valentine's Day gifts, mine being a graphic novel of a non fiction Holocaust story told through father and son mouse family called Maus, I gave in. In this picture we are reading our comics.

Here is our little illegal campsite. Read further to hear the whole story of how we discovered it and what obnoxious group of people kept tramping through it.
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More More

I was designated the Trip Mom so I thought I would embrace it. I feel like my own mother may have
worn this exact outfit at some point in her motherly life.

I wanted to make sure that we got to church so on Sunday morning we found out what time and
where it was. When we went to get dressed we realized that nobody brought any church clothes
except for Sarah and hers were more hippie loungwear than church clothes. Nevertheless I
distributed out her clothes among the girls and assured everyone that people may judge us
but it is better to go and be judged than to not go at all. So we went. This is what I looked like, minus
the sweatshirt and add a tie dye shirt. Also minus the recorder, that was just for my enjoyment.
So we went and were an hour and a half late because it happened to be stake conference. We did
not go in for the last half an hour because the concerned quizzical looks would have been too great for us to bear.
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We went to a campground that was a little pricey for us, probably because it was an old
people hangout for the winter, so we went to the cheaper "overflow" area. This mainly
consisted of a rocky parking lot. So we searched a bit farther and found this sandy beach
area down below the parking lot, slash ridge. We went down there to set up the first night
and didn't realize that it was an ATV sand course. Once we did find out we decided to
ignore the stupid ATVs and stay there anyway. We scared those gas guzzling, obnoxious sounding, little kid riding ATVs away and dominated the beach. So many pictures were taken either down at the beach or up on the rocky parking lot.

This dog is named Duke. Duke liked to come see us periodically. I did not like Duke.
Especially when he went into the cold water and then came up and shook off the water
on to me and my book. It make me very angry.

While the group was playing a game called "Zombies" I decided to go exploring.
I went and sat on a nice rock for a while and gazed out into the lake thinking deep thoughts.
Then I took a picture.

Here is Bigfoot. He resides in Arizona. Bigfoot had to stand there for a while until people
saw him...her...it?
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This was the start of our trip, we decided to take a group picture in the parking lot.
The crew that went was me and my roommates and our three friends, Brent, Harris
(A.K.A. Harris), and Adam. The bottom pictures are us taking a break to get dinner in
St. George, a city that should not be.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jumping on It part 3

We also brought our light sabers to battle with on the trampolines. It was kind of difficult but fun.

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Jumping on It

Here we have some more top model poses by Jamie Dunn, me, and Kendal. I was getting pretty sweaty towards the end, don't be offended.

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Jump on It

We went to this place in Orem called Jump on It and it was wall to wall with trampolines which of course means fun and injuries. At one point we were playing freeze tag and I dove under another friend's legs in order to free him and skinned up my elbow real good and bled all over the trampolines. It was awesome. The first picture is me doing a little thing I call, "the ultimate punch". Then we have Halley, Harris, and Sarah doing their top model poses.

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