Friday, January 11, 2013

Kangaroo Dad

Joel walked into the room I was in the other day with Oskar in his kangaroo pouch.  It made me LOL.

My little ray of sunshine
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

GP Christmas

Before we left to go to the airport Oskar wanted to try out the motorcycle.  Hopefully he enjoyed it ... but not too much, I don't want any motorcyle riders in my family.  I stress out way too much with fairly normal things I don't think I could handle that.  But he sure looks cute!

Both flights coming to GP and leaving GP were actually really good. Oskar fell asleep almost as soon as the plane started the engine and slept all but about 20 minutes at the end.  We even brought a Baby Einstein movie to distract him with but we didn't need to use it.  It was good though because the movie we thought was grabbed was Baby Enstein but it ended up being The Happiest Baby on the Block, which probably would have had the same effect on Oskar but more boring for me.

We didn't take hardly any pictures this Christmas.  I'm pretty sure my thinking was that I could just get pictures from Keri or Mom's camera since theirs are way nicer and were better at remembering to take the pictures.  Naya and Mari did such a good job staying away from Oskar while they were sick, especially Mari because she was the really sick one and I'm sure it must have been hard.  But they did great and Oskar didn't come out any worse off even when Jared and his kids came and the germs multipled.

Oskar had a really great time playing with his cousins, I'm sure he enjoyed playing with them more than they did.  He is a little energetic when it comes to other kids and especially babies.  He tried on multiple times to gouge out Kora and Lia's eyes because they were just so big and beautiful and shiny and he can't hold himself back.  After a while they learned to get away from him when they saw him coming their way.  He had no problem getting in with all the big kid fun.  During fishing he kept grabbing people's fishing poles and eventually got a whack or two on the head from Elijah, who, by the way, also thought Oskar was a she and called him Buster.  It was really cute.  And when Naya got a hula hoop from Santa, Oskar wanted to play with it too and had such a strong grip when they were trying to get it back from him ended up dragging him around.  He loved it.

Granny sewed Oskar a cozy pair of PJs that are so cute on him that are perfect for our drafty apartment!  He also kept trying to pull Granny's earings out of her ears and chew on her necklace.  She was a great sport about it.  I have a real fear of Oskar grabbing a pair of my earrings and ripping them through my ears.  Consequently I haven't worn earrings for months and probably won't be able to for a while.

It was so fun to be at home for Christmas!  My favorite parts were Just Dance and playing Ticket to Ride every night.  Even though I didn't win one single game.  The closest I got was second place to Jamie Dunn on the second game she ever played.  Joel said his favorite part was spending time with family but I told him he needed to be more specific, and then he said church but I told him that wasn't true and he had to think of something else, so he said playing ticket to ride but that was my answer and besides he didn't even play but one game, so then he mentioned root beer floats and I realized that was his answer.  He had probably a dozen RBFs while we were there, he was really living the dream. 
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