Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oskar's Latest

I feel in my life that I like to read books.

If I ate a whale would you give me $4?

Ivy is a woman baby.

Oskar:  Ivy's giving me the creep.
Jamie:  What's the creep?
Oskar:  It's when you're holding someone and they push you down.

Oskar:  I don't like dark sides from star wars and the dark side guy.
Jamie:  Who?  Darth Maul?
Oskar:  No.
Jamie:  Darth Sidious?
Oskar:  No!
Jamie:  Emperor Palpatine?
Oskar:  Yes!  Is Emperor Palpatine a mean guy?

Oskar:  I have a feeling for you.
Jamie:  What's your feeling?
Oskar:  I know that I love you.

I took out my tuba and began to play music.

You're a rough girl, Ivy.  I love your skin though.

Jamie:  Oskar, you better not lose any of those cards. 
Oskar:  Have no fear, i'm not going to do it.

"Dad always says, 'We should look at the box score,' and I don't know why we should look at the box score ... look at all the players and who got a hit.”

That's not the right observation!

Oskar is in the tub and i reminded him not to poop while taking a bath. he said, "Why? Because Daddy will need to clean the tub? With baking soda?”

Oskar was just doing something and I told him to stop and he said, "Sorry, that makes me nuts!
That makes me eat nuts."

Oskar:  Tell Dad what I did today  I sucked up the poop and sucked it back out.
Jamie:  What are you talking about?
Oskar:  I beautified it.

Oskar:  I’m feeling pretty woozy.
Jamie:  What does that mean?
Oskar:  It means I’m hungry.
Jamie:  What do you want to eat?
Oskar:  Toast with a great deal of butter.

Now can you sing me someone else’s courage?

Sometimes I realize that my pants and underwear sink into my bottom.

Art Garfunkel is an idiot.

Why is there a squishy floor on my tongue?

All the things in the wonderful world that Grandma found are so pretty.  Can you say that, Ivy?

Jamie:  Stop Oskar or I’m going to lose my mind!
Oskar:  Then I’m going to put my mind into your head!!

Grandma has awoken!

Sometimes when I’m asleep I smell like pasta bites.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Random photos from the last year

These are pictures from my phone from the last year that never made the cut on to my blog but are still precious and/or funny.

Ivy at 3 or 4 months I think.

Grandpa pushing Oskar in the dump truck after Thanksgiving dinner.  This was after we went on the phone pole rope swing.

Joel enjoying his phosphate.

I tried to see what she would look like with long hair.  It didn't really work.

Oskar in an abandoned shopping basket.


Oskar as Darth Vader

Oskar getting in trouble at the thrift store.

Ivy doing yoga.

At the Fireman Museum

Hahaha, I love this picture.

Oskar would have made a darling girl.

This is how they sit whenever I vacuum.

Opossum crossing the road.  What a creepy little guy.

Ivy's rattail

First time in her whole swimming costume.

Holy fat face

Oskar said he spelled, "This is my opportunity."

This is another favorite, she's just so jowly.

Oskar didn't get a Bullseye so he decided Ivy would suffice.


Oskar looking like a teenager.