Friday, July 24, 2015

4th of July

Those who were interested in getting up early on the 4th went to the program/breakfast at the church.  Joel took Oskar and they went along with Grandma, Grandpa, and GG.

Joel did a great job putting together a patriotic breakfast.

Then on to picking blueberries!  I only lasted a while because it was SO hot but all of us combined picked quite a few, alright Mom and Kelsey picked the majority of them but we helped a little.  Oskar had a great time feasting on them even though he was only supposed to snack.

Joel took this one of Mom doing what she does way too much when we all visit - dishes.  Sorry Mom, we'll help more next time!

Ivy in her 4th of July outfit.

Then on to Aunt Bonnie's to swim in their pool!  Joel and Carson were brave enough to jump off the high rocks but I stuck to the slide.  Oskar mostly stuck to me...right by my side.  He got a little braver by the end and swam some on his own which was a nice break for me.