Saturday, March 26, 2011

New York!

Joel and I went shopping(Joel's idea) on 5th Avenue a day or two into our trip. He wanted to find a dress for me, which I thought was a wonderful idea. We saw this dress in the window and though it took some convincing Joel got me to go inside and try it on. I loved it but didn't think we should buy it but also didn't want to cause a fight the first week in our marriage, so I let Joel get it for me.

Joel looking nice and crazy in front of Madison Square Garden.

Then we made our way to Serendipity, a restaurant known for a setting of the movie, Serendipity. Also Oprah went there to try their famous frozen hot chocolate. It was so good. I drank almost the entire thing which made me sick. But before the getting sick part, it was really great. Joel got their apple pie which he said was the best he's ever had.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New York Honeymoon

Here are Joel and I, newly married, and leaving for the airport for New York at 4:00 AM.

We went to Tom's Restaurant for breakfast one of the first days we were there. I thought Joel looked like he fit in well with this backdrop.

One of our next stops was this huge cathedral, I forget the name.

We also went to Rockefeller Center. I was excited about it because of the show 30 Rock - unfortunately no Tina Fey though. In fact we didn't see anybody famous. The scarf was to keep my ears warm because it was so COLD outside. I realize it didn't actually match very well with my shirt. Get over it. More to come later.