Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Vacation

The first week of our FOUR WEEK vacation (if I ever suggest taking a vacation longer than a week someone must slap me) was spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Grants Pass.  It was nice and relaxing for the most part since Oskar was the only child running around even though Joel wasn't there, Joel was in New York for this week speaking at a social media conference.  We got to spend some time with Granny as well because her foot was broken and she was staying with us.  Oskar loved to help her with her puzzles and boy was he helpful.

Oskar has to wait to get haircuts until we see my Mom because I don't trust myself to cut it and I think it's silly to pay for a child to get a haircut, I barely pay to get mine cut.  Here is the before.

And after

Of course is snowed in Oregon while we were there.  Bad weather just followed us on our vacation.  Oskar wanted to play in it so badly even after he realized how cold it was.  Nothing stops this kid.  I didn't want to take a step outside, luckily Grandma was more willing.

Here is my Mom's table of nativities at the Creche Festival in Grants Pass.  She even got an article in the paper written about her and her collection.  Oskar was super excited about it.

For the second leg of our journey we headed north to Seattle and stayed there for a week.  This week was a little harder since Joel still wasn't with us (he was in Utah getting ready for the Ackerman Family Christmas Party) and there were other kids, toys, and floors to brutalize.   Oskar loves his cousins so much though so he had a great time, except when he got sick.  He got sick about three times during the month we were gone, the first being when we were in Seattle.

Naya, Mari, Eva, and Grandma (Keri and I helped a bit) colored beautiful signs to welcome Kamron home from Russia.

Kamron meeting Oskar for the first time.  When Kamron left on his mission and after Oskar was born, Kamron specified in an email to me that I was to make sure and teach Oskar the difference between himself and Jordan. I believe he said something like, "Make sure you teach him that me and Jordan are separate and distinct personages." 

Oskar helped Kamron pull his suitcase all the way through the airport.  Once again he showed how helpful he can be.

The third and last leg of our journey where we spent half of our time was in Utah.  We stayed at Kelsey and Boyd's house and even though Joel was back with us it was probably the hardest time because Oskar got sick twice, one of those times was up screaming for five hours in the middle of the night, and we'd already been gone from home and routine for two weeks.  It's hard to be away from home for that long especially when you have a crazy two year old.  But once again Oskar had a great time and loved getting to play with all of his cousins.

Oskar was pretty sick on Christmas Even so we didn't get to do any celebrating but on Christmas morning he was feeling a bit better so he got to watch Joel, Carson, and Landon open presents and open a few of his own.  Then later we went to Joel's parents house for dinner and got to see almost all the Ackermans.

Here Joel is modeling his new pajama pants I got him.  We had another low-key Christmas this year as far as the gifts we got each other.  We got some movies and Joel got some clothes.  Eventually when we're rich Joel is going to buy me the moon, he told me.

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