Sunday, June 18, 2017

More Pictures

More pictures of things that I'm going to want to remember.

Oskar took this picture of Ivy in the backyard.  I think it's quite artistic.

Easter Dinner

Visiting Joel on set of the Zuma Juice commercial when I visited him in LA in April.

The last picture of Oskar before he lost his top tooth.  A week before this he got hit in the face by a swing at the park.  He didn't complain or have any problems until a week later something else must have happened because it got real loose real fast and he kept saying he was eating his tooth.  So we took him to the dentist in GP while we were visiting and he did a quick X-ray and said it was coming out, there was nothing we could do at that point.  So he's going to be toothless for longer than he would have if he lost it naturally but it was coming out sooner or later so it wasn't too upsetting for any of us.

3 months old

Oskar's nearly finished room.  I've changed the curtains since this picture but other than that it's the same and it's DONE!  Now on to the rest of the house...

A beautiful day at the park

One of the flower bushes in our backyard.  Since this is our first spring in the house every time something bloomed in the backyard it was such a wonderful surprise.

His breast friend.

My office area.  I think it turned out quite nice.

They came to visit me while I was going to the bathroom.


We took a break from OMSI and ate our lunch outside on the river.

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Maren B said...

Those are such great photos!