Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grad Schools

I'm looking at grad schools right now trying to narrow it down to which ones I will apply to and, if accepted, which one I would like to go to. So far I've narrowed it down to 8 universities all located in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland State University: 3 years and about $32,000, located in Portland
Western Washington University: 2 years, about $20,000, located in Bellingham
Oregon State: 3 years, about $40,000, in Corvallis
Northwest University: 3 years and about $40,000 in Eugene
Seattle Pacific: 3 years, $33,000 and in Seattle
Seattle University: 2-3 years, around $30,000 also in Seattle
University of Puget Sound: I'm not really sure but I assume it's comparable to other ones and located in Tacoma.

These are mostly all small schools but they have the program I want and are around the same price. From this point I'm not quite sure what to look for. I've searched for the most important things, program, location, and cost, and now don't know how to eliminate two more. Applying to graduate schools is pricey so I don't want to apply to any more than 6. So now I'm leaving the choice up to you. Which ones should I eliminate?


Keri said...

are all those costs PER YEAR???? I would clearly apply to the very cheapest ones.

Jamie's Blog said...

No those are total costs...estimations of course.

Keri said...

Oh - well I vote for all the ones in Seattle.

Ruth McKimson said...

I vote for the cheapest also, unless of course there's a distinct benefit for the higher priced programs.

But other than price, I would say location would be the next most important thing. Which location would be best for you?

Kelsey Norwood said...

Hmm...I think you should go to BYU. Get Jordan's mission president to give you a recommendation...

Maren B said...

And I vote to eliminate those farthest from Portland.