Sunday, April 11, 2010


Who doesn't? This is going along with the theme of silly Jared pictures. Feel free to post your own.
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Kelsey Norwood said...

I like this theme. I'm sure the male admirer does also...I think I've already contributed my best silly Jared pictures. I'm not sure I have anything that can beat Wolverine. I think Round 2 at Loon Lake is sure to be a success though.

Jared said...

i do recall a picture in the kitchen of the gp house - a wide hairband over me eyes and a robot ninja pose...who's got that one?

ps - this one represents one of my finer hours i believe: one part recently awaking from long night shifts at the mill and two parts uncareance about how badly i looked.

Maren B said...

So, so, so awesome. I remember when Jared sent this picture to me on my mission and I thought, "Yep, he's the one."

Ruth McKimson said...

This picture is also on my list of all-time-favorites. And let's keep manufacturing more of those. The gauntlet has been thrown . . . . Loon Lake?