Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Parts

We went in for our ultrasound today and if this baby's behavior is indicative at all of his future personality we are in for a ride, although I should be expecting such things when marrying a character like Joel. Last time we got an ultrasound the lady couldn't see his heart very well because he wasn't in a very good position and wouldn't move. We also found out last time about the placenta being underneath him, which if it didn't move come birthing time I would have to get a C-section. So for these reasons we went in again today at 23 weeks. Today he was in a good position for her to get a good look at his heart and she said that everything looked fine. This time, however, he had his little feet wedged down between my cervix and the placenta so she couldn't see the placenta. Joel says it makes sense because his feet are probably cold and he was just trying to find a place to warm them. She tried to get him to move but he was not budging, apparently he was just too comfortable. So the little stinker put me in quite an uncomfortable position: pants off, sitting on the table with a cold slimy apparatus up my hoo-ha that had a camera on the end. She ended up getting a good idea about the placenta this way. Apparently the placenta needs to been at least a distance of 2 centimeters away from the cervix in order to be cleared for a vaginal birth. My placenta was 2.5 centimeters. She also said in the next 17 weeks it should get further and further away so I don't need another ultrasound and unless the midwife spots something we are a go for the most painful experience of my life. Yay! Also the baby is in the 27th percentile at 1 pound 5 ounces right now which is above the danger point (10th percentile) so if he continues to progress in the 27th percentile everything is good. We're grateful that everything is looking good and the baby is already exhibiting such stubbornness. And since I know you're so curious the ultrasound lady was much better today. She talked to us and told us what was going on, last time she must have been having a bad day ... or maybe she just enjoyed seeing me so uncomfortable. Who knows.

Here is another picture of baby, I was told that his mouth is open and tongue sticking out taunting us but I can't really see it.

And here is that infamous foot.


Keri said...

I've had that kind of an ultrasound before. It's awkward. I'm so glad the placenta has moved out of the way so you can know what real pain feels like :) HAHA! Just kidding - so you can join the ranks of women everywhere who use pure will and strength of mind to push babies into the world. GO WOMEN!!

Ruth McKimson said...

I'm so glad the killjoy was in better sorts today. Let's just use code KJ . . . just in case . . . you never know when these types might be blogstalking.

So glad everything's looking good. He's probably gonna be a chip off the ol' blockhead, right?