Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Bed

When we first moved to LA we had to buy a bed because we didn't have a way to transport our old one. Not wanting to spend any more money than we had to we ended up going to an outlet type store and buying a queen bed for less than $300. It was fine at first because I'm a tummy sleeper, squashed frog more specifically, and so the hardness of the mattress didn't really bother me. Joel, being a back sleeper had a harder time. But when my pregnant belly got too big for me to sleep on my stomach it became very very uncomfortable and I would wake up with sore hips and a sore back. So recently we decided that we should start looking for a softer bed so we both could sleep better and not wake up in so much pain. Then yesterday in the Penny Saver I spotted a California King bed for sale with a pillowtop AND bed frame for just $100. We went over to see it and laid on it and it was MUCH more comfortable. So we got a friend with a truck to help us and we bought it! Last night I felt like a dwarf sleeping in this huge bed, but it was so comfy. The only problem now is we have two beds in our tiny apartment and our room is completely taken over by the thing. It's worth it though.


Keri said...

it does make a lovely headboard - soft too for sitting up and reading in bed. the penny saver, huh? so other bodies have slept on the bed? hmmmm....and didn't you have to buy all new sheets? Zoram would kill for a king size bed. your bedroom must be bigger than ours - much bigger. I don't think a king would fit with our furniture.

Ruth McKimson said...

I agree with Keri . . . nice headboard! Just find some way to decorate it! What a sweetheart Joel is.

Kelsey said...

My favorite part of your bedroom ensemble is that smashing end table holding up your lamp.

Go king or go home is my motto.