Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Precious is 4 Months

In honor of Oskar's 4 month birthday here are some super cute pictures of him.

These were taken after Oskar had thrown up all his food all over the both of us.  I had to take a quick shower because all the yuck got on me and then he got a bath.  It was a perfect opportunity to take diaper pictures. 

What a sweet little sleeper.  During the day we put him on his tummy and he sleeps really well.  At night I'm a little nervous about doing it because of the tummy sleeping brainwashing they do at the hospital so we put him on his back in a small crib right next to our bed.  Oskar's head and my head are right next to each other so I can reach over periodically and make sure he's still breathing.

He's starting to lift his head up like this a lot.  And last week he rolled over TWICE!  It went kind of like this: throw the head in one direction, let it fall as much as it can, then slowly allow the upper body and lower body to be pulled over onto back by the sheer weight of the head.  What a smart baby.

Here baby, take this binkie and go to sleep ... if you know what's good for you.

I'm always finding Joel taking great and sometimes scary pictures of Oskar.  I was outside waiting for Joel to bring out Oskar when he took these.  I walked in and saw what they were doing and was both scared he was going to fall and hoping Oskar would smile for the camera, at the same time.

I was there to catch him if he leaned too far in one direction. 
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ktb said...

He's sooo cute. And he looks tall! I just can't wait to meet that little Oskar! Give him a kiss for me!!!

Ruth McKimson said...

Wow. Those pics on the stairs are a little scary. But cute too!!!

Keri said...

Super scary stair pictures. I may have quickly drawn in my breath and made that shrieking noise characteristic of the women in my family. You know what I'm talking about. I can't believe how big he's getting! You should know I got my pertussis booster just for oskar. It hurt. Anything for that sweet baby boy though.

Maren B said...

He looks tall. And cute.