Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Crawler

He's a fast little guy especially when the bait is something he REALLY wants.

Things are going better since my last post.  Oskar is eating a lot better and hasn't thrown up regularly in probably two weeks now.  We're starting again attempting solid foods daily  and he's slowly but surely getting better.  He must have read my post and decided to get his act together for the sake of my sanity.  Good boy.

Nothing too new is happening with Joel and I.  I was working every morning taking a little girl to school but it got to be too much so I just have my CSUN job and freelance transcription stuff.  Joel is in the beginning stages of a web series for Red Bull and is still working on getting his book illustrated and eventually published.  It's still super hot here, unbearable really, but hopefully we've had the last heatwave before fall hits.  I love fall.  I love Oregon fall the most but California fall will do.  Mom and Keri and Kelsey are coming to visit me and the fabric district at the end of the month and in November Joel, Oskar and I will be going to Arizona to have Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa B.


Ruth McKimson said...

That is so cute! Jamie, do more videos! It's so great to see him in action!

Keri said...

he looks like a little froggy!!! so cute. he can really move! Naya and Mari think he is like a little bug.

Maren B said...

HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A FROG (when he's crawling). In the cutest, most human way possible. Glad to hear he is not driving you crazy anymore and that you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself.