Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nature or Nurture

Oskar is officially hilarious.  He makes faces all the time, he makes weird noises, and when he realizes we think something is funny he does it again and again.  When we ask him to smile he throws his head back, squinches his eyes, and shows his not often seen upper teeth.  Sometimes he'll be doing something and minding his own business and then will suddenly start with this high pitched scream and liking the sound will scream over and over.  He also takes any kleenex, toilet paper, regular paper, socks, burp cloths, or cloth of any kind and blows his nose on it.  When we ask him to dance he takes a bunch of quick little steps. He waves his arms to lead music whenever he hears some.  When we ask him to say Daddy or dada he says Joel, he refuses to call his father anything but his first name.

He has four top teeth but we hardly ever get to see them.  

You can't really tell because his hand is in the way but in this picture he is trying to eat the side of Joel's glasses.

This is his number one favorite spot in our apartment.  Every day he'll perch himself on top of the couch and look out the window waving at neighbors and yelling dog every time he sees one.  He also waits for Joel and I here when we leave for work.  He gets very excited when we come home.

His eating is better, but still far from great.  I've found a few things that he'll eat like yogurt, soup, puffs, etc. but he is really resistant to try anything new and even with the stuff he does like sometimes we have to read a book for him or play The Circle of Life just to get him to open his mouth.  That brings up another funny thing.  He LOVES The Circle of Life. If it is playing on the computer or if we even start singing it he'll stop and listen and watch very attentively. 
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Ruth McKimson said...

Nice t-shirt, Oskar! I love seeing new pictures! Keep 'em coming!

ktb said...

I have to meet him! He is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!