Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Beach

We went to the beach last week with our friends and it was so fun.  Oskar loved running into the water and had absolutely no fear, so I had to keep a good hold on him.  Going to the beach reminds me that not everything about California is terrible and annoying.

Oskar talks so much now and says some funny things that I've been trying to keep track of.

Sometimes he looks at me out of the blue and says, "Pretty Mama!" or "Princess Mama!"

Whenever I give him anything he says very enthusiastically, "Fanks, Mama!  Fanks!"

When he asks for something like juice or a toy or anything really and I repeat what he says such as, "You want to play outside?"  He'll say loudly like I'm really forcing him to do something, "OKAY."  Every time.

The other day Oskar ran into my bedroom where Joel was working and when he saw the vacuum cleaner, which he has a love/hate relationship with.
Oskar: Scary vacuum.
Joel:  It's not scary, give the vacuum cleaner a hug and a kiss.
Oskar: (After giving it a hug and a kiss)  That's fun.

Whenever there is something he can't do, like at the park if there is part of the toys that is too high or is for older kids, or if is requires too much fine motor skills he says it's heavy.  "That toy is a little heavy."  Or, pooping on the potty is too heavy.

This morning Oskar was snuggling up to baby so I told him to say some sweet things and he said, "Sweet things!  Candy Canes!  Happy Birthday!"

He says lots more funny stuff everyday that I need to write down because if I don't I won't remember and they will be lost forever and it would be sad because he is hilarious!


Ruth McKimson said...

Yes! Record all the fun things Oskar says. Kids says the darnedest things.

Ruth McKimson said...

those are some amazing faces

Ruth McKimson said...

nope, that was keri....not kim

Kelsey said...

Those are funny things. We want more!

Maren B said...

My favorite is the sweet things list.