Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Shower

My wonderful friends Joanna and Claire threw me the best baby shower a few weeks ago!  The theme was tiny, because I love tiny things, and it was the cutest baby shower I've ever seen!  All the food was so delicious and everything looked so pretty and perfect, it was amazing.  I'm so glad no one asks me to do baby showers because I would be TERRIBLE.  Paying attention to little details, or big details for that matter, and making things cute is NOT my area of expertise.

Here are the masters!  Poor Joanna was so pregnant but she still was out there working on making my shower so wonderful, bless her heart!

There were quite a few pictures of me opening all the gifts but they were less than attractive so this is the only one that is included.  But I got a ton of cute little girl outfits and accessories, having a girl is going to be fun!

And this was from yet another baseball game we went to.  This time it was Mormon night at Dodger Stadium and Elder Bednar threw the first pitch, not that we were there to see it.  We didn't get to our seats and settled until the 5th inning, which was perfect because I don't think I could have lasted any longer than that.

Oskar's second favorite part of the game was singing Take Me Out to the Ball game during the 7th inning stretch.  His first favorite part is told better by Joel:

OSKAR STEALS HOME! Last night we went to the Dodgers game for Mormon night. It was Oskar's third pro-game. At the end of his first two he cried because he wants to go down on the field and they won't let him. But last night was Fireworks Night, so they let fans onto the field. Except he wanted to "go on the dirt" meaning run on the infield, but the grounds crew had spaced themselves shoulder to shoulder surrounding the infield to block fans from just that. So I devised a game plan. I carried Oskar up close to the infield, and I whispered to him, "When I set you down, you run as fast as you can between the guys and onto the dirt." I looked for some grounds crew that were spaced a little farther apart than the rest and set him down. He ran and made it past the guards! Some fans saw him and started cheering for him. He got about 10 to 15 feet into the infield and one of the staff went to grab him, but he slid under her grab! Safe! (Oskar always slides, no matter how well he hits the ball.) He stood up and she directed him back to me, but he was so happy and was telling everyone "I slid on the dirt!" It was about where shortstop plays, between second and third, where he slid, but for Oskar and me--it was home!

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Ruth McKimson said...

You have good friends, Jamie.
Oskar . . . great slide show!! (Great story, Joel!)