Sunday, August 16, 2015

1 year old photo shoot

We decided that on every year on each child's birthday we should try to get one good picture of them that we can frame or just use to document growth.  Because we only have two kids now it wasn't too hard to do a fun photo shoot at a park close to us.  The biggest problem was Ivy would not hold still long enough to get a good shot of her.  So it was a good idea but it didn't really work out as well as we wanted.  The best news from this photo shoot is that we met a Jewish family at the park.  They have six kids, one is Oskar's age, and after talking with them for a while they invited us to their Sabbath meal.  So yesterday, without Oskar, we went to their house and got to know them better and got to ask a lot of question about their faith.  It was great and we hope to continue to get to know them better.

I am glad we were able to celebrate Ivy turning one a few days before her birthday because on Tuesday the 11th, her actual birthday, Oskar, who had started with a runny nose Monday evening, had a terrible asthma attack.  It was so awful.  This time was one of the worst, if not the worst, asthmatic episodes he's had.  We took him to see the pediatric asthma SPECIALIST at the Children's Hospital and he essentially did nothing for us.  He gave him a breathing treatment with did nothing, and then sent us home.  We went back to the ER that evening because Oskar got so bad he couldn't breathe.  They almost had to keep him overnight because even though his oxygen levels were okay after the steroids (which will continue to stunt his growth more and more) he was using so much effort actually fill his lungs with air.  I pretty much lost my mind this time around.  I feel like even though he's getting older, a tiny bit bigger, and we're seeing a handful of doctors, NOTHING is working.  So as difficult as it is, especially when you live in a tiny two bedroom apartment, we are keeping him away from all other children, no playdates, no church, and absolutely no children over at our apartment.  So it's going to be a really hard time for us since Oskar really loves playing with other kids but we will figure out fun things we can do with the three of us and maybe we'll go stay in Oregon for a few weeks.


Ruth McKimson said...

Jamie! Just what I always wanted!!!! New pictures!!!!! My comments:
Picture of Jamie #1: Beautiful!
Oskar & Ivy with sticks: of course, Ivy has to taste hers
Oskar suppressing a smile: adorable
Picture #5: Notice that Oskar and Ivy both have the same exact facial expression!
Ivy with her gummy grin: So cute!
Joel with knickers: Nice!!
Jamie and Ivy: love it
last pic of Oskar: That is ONE CUTE SHOT! One of my favorites!

Keri said...

Those suit shorts are beyond. I love these beautiful pictures!!

Joel Ackerman said...

Beyond what, Keri?

Maren B said...

I think if you are going to bother cropping suit pants, the sleeves of the suit jacket should also be half-length. Otherwise I'm not convinced that the shorts are for the sake of ventilation.