Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016, the first Christmas in our first house!  It was really fun to do our own thing this year. Santa left us a candy sculpture, a letter, and presents, and he treated us well this year, in fact a little too well.  Now Santa has a better idea for next year about how not to go overboard.  Oskar was so excited after he went downstairs with Joel he came back and jumped up on my bed and shouted, "Santa came!  This is such a THRILL!"  Ivy was excited but didn't show it nearly as much.  She opened one present and wanted to play with it and didn't care about opening anymore, we should have just got her one thing!  After opening presents we went to church and then drove up to Keri's house for Christmas dinner, which was deeeelicious.

It has snowed a few times this winter but last night was the biggest snowstorm of them all!  The snow started yesterday evening and went all night and into this morning.  I was so stressed I was going to go into labor and have to call 911 so I could get to the hospital.  The roads aren't clear yet so we're not totally safe but since I have no signs of going into labor I think we'll be okay.  Oskar and Ivy went out and played in it this morning and it was so deep Ivy kept getting stuck.  It was fun but I'm okay if it's just a once a year kind of day.

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