Saturday, April 18, 2009

Donkey Kanga

I may have mentioned this before but one of our friends has a collection of gaming systems that he likes to bring and leave at our apartment of us to play with. At the moment we have both a Wii. PlayStation 2, and a Dreamcast in our apartment along with all the games. One of the games that he brought over is called Donkey Kanga and you play the bongos to different songs and varying difficlty settings. It is SO fun! Me and my roommate Sarah got really into it and play it all the time and it has become the center piece for many of our parties. When our friend saw how much we liked it and how good we were at it he got the second game, Donkey Kanga 2, and another set of bongos just for me! So I have my own set of bongos now but with no game and no gaming console. I think I'm going to buy the game and take it home so when we're at home we can play it, because Kamron has a Wii. I'm pretty sure Mom will like it too. Me and her have the same gaming prefrences, things like Tetris and Dr. Mario, I have a feeling this is the next to go on her list.

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