Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Great Burrito Challenge

Me and my friend Scott are always arguing about who can make the best burritos. I of course think I make the best burritos not necessarily because I have made them before and found them to be delicious but because it is not in my abilities to back down from any sort of competition. So we created the Great Burrito Challenge in which we would both make our best burritos and would have everyone taste one of each and decide which they thought was the best. It turned out I lost, but I have a wonderful excuse for how that happened. My burritos are simple vegetarian masterpieces and his were quite a bit more complex so while his were a bit more special you could say, you would not make them on a regular basis because it would be too much work and money. Therefore I have decided that if we were to compete for who could make the best simple everyday burritos I would win. Can you tell I'm feeling a bit defensive over this loss?

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Keri said...

there should have been a clarification of the rules - everyday or complex, you know? Boo Jamie

Maren B said...

I still believe in your burritos. You can make them for me every day and you will win the special prize of my love.