Sunday, June 27, 2010

We did WHAT last night?!

One thing I like about Joel is he is thoughtful and writes me nice thank you notes after we go on dates. Here is the most recent:

Dear Jamie,

I just have to say you were awesome last night. As I said before, you looked absolutely beautiful. And thanks again for the delicious dinner. Having seven courses was impressive, but ALL from SCRATCH? Most impressive.

The after dinner entertainment was amazing too--I knew you could play the saxophone, but not that you could play the violin and the harmonica at the same time!

I was really scared I blew it when I locked my keys in the car, but when you unlocked the door using refrigerator magnets, I just thought, I can't blow it too bad with Jamie around to fix things.

Then on the way back, when you asked me to roll down the window so you could talk to those Pro-Choice activists, I didn't know what you were going to do. But you spoke so eloquently. That was the first time I've ever seen so many angry picketers change their minds. You could really see they were remorseful.

Of course, really I just love being around you because of the fun we have together. But I loved that last night you didn't let our fun get in the way of you saving that toddler from getting run over by a car.Way to sacrifice the body. I hope you recover quickly and are out of the hospital soon. I'd love to go on another date.

Joel Ackerman


Kelsey said...

Where's the middle name in that signature? I'd consider this a sincere letter. I'm disappointed.

Jamie's Blog said...

You and me both sister.

Mr. BYU said...

Sincerity is sacred, sisters, and using symbolic signatures superficially seriously sucks the significance from the the symbol.

Keri said...

who are you mr. byu?

Mr. BYU said...

I'm the funniest, most-talented, best-looking man at BYU (according to the results of the 2008 Mr. BYU Pageant), who is currently stalking the funniest, most-talented, best-looking girl at BYU, your sister, Jamie Brinkerhoff.

Mr. BYU said...

Who are you "KERI"? If that is your real name.

Ruth McKimson said...

Somehow . . . . . . I've missed something somewhere. Jamie, you've been keeping some things from us again, haven't you?