Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photo Shoot

A couple weeks ago I met a girl who does makeup and hair for photographers and she asked me if I would ever want to help her out for one of the shoots (I think she really liked my hair). So yesterday she contacted me to see if I wanted to do one last night and let me tell you, it's a good thing I spent so much time watching America's Next Top Model. I just did what Tyra taught me and I think it kind of worked out. We'll see. The photographer said she would get me some of the pictures after she edits them which will take a couple weeks so I had Sarah take a picture of me after I was done just to show off the makeup and hair. After I get the legit shots I'll post them on here too.


Keri said...

Erm...I lurv it. The second picture is much better because of the lighting. And I love your hair too. So you helped do makeup and hair for a photo shoot of other people? Fab. I knew all that time spent watching ANTM would pay off for one of us.

Ruth McKimson said...

Jamie, you're beautiful.

But . . wait a minute. I thought you were the model . . . not the makeup and hair lady. And yes, I also like the second photo of you best . . . lighting. The first one (in the dark) looks a little spooky.

Thank you, Tyra.

Jamie's Blog said...

Yes, they were taking pictures of me. That is why I have a ton of absurd makeup on.