Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New York

We stopped on our way to the Statue of Liberty to get our cartoon selves drawn by a street artist. It was slightly uncomfortable to be sitting there with huge smiles on our face staring at a point in front of us while everyone was walking by and even stopping and watching. But I'm glad we did it because now we have it as a souvenir from our honeymoon!

Here we're on the ferry and Joel is looking very thoughtfully at Ellis Island. This was the saddest part of the trip for me. When I went to buy tickets for Ellis Island you end up buying tickets for that AND the Statue of Liberty because the ferry goes both places. So when I got the tickets I asked specifically for tickets to Ellis Island. She gave me the tickets and we moved on. We spent about an hour going through the security line and getting on the ferry, that part was way annoying. Then the ferry took us to The Statue of Liberty and I thought they were just stopping there first and then on to Ellis Island. What was actually happening was that the ferry wasn't running to Ellis Island anymore that day and they didn't tell us. So we spent too much money to go to the Statue, which I wasn't even that excited about, and missed out completely on Ellis Island, which was the place I wanted to go most in New York.

STatue of Liberty



Ruth McKimson said...

Jamie, I'm enjoying my computer-monitor-tour of New York City. Thank you. You look cold in the cartooner picture.

ktb said...

Dear Jamie,
Next time you go to new york you have to take me! I'm getting so jealous!!

Also, you look gorgeous in all of these photos- I've had about enough of that!