Thursday, April 14, 2011


Another reason why I wanted to go to New York for my honeymoon was so I could see a show on Broadway. So Monday morning we headed to Times Square to see if we could get tickets for that day on discount. We got in line pretty early and were discussing with each other which show we wanted to see. I hadn't really heard much about most of them and so I didn't know if one would be better than another. I had seen Wicket about four years ago and loved it. Joel hadn't seen any of them but had heard the most about Wicked so I suggested we just see that one since I knew it was good and would love to see it again. We ended up getting OUT of line because they didn't have discount tickets for Wicked and walked to the theater to buy the last two tickets they had for the days when we were going to be there. It was a little more expensive than we were thinking but we got 5th row tickets right in the center of the theater. It was amazing. It was even better than when I had seen it years ago in Portland. We were so close we could see all of their facial expressions and get hit with their spit!


Ruth McKimson said...

I hadn't thought of the spit benefits of being up in front . . . but I know my seminary students can relate.

Maren B said...

WHAT?! I am so jealous of you all of the sudden!

sariah said...

spit, i love spit!!