Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 Week Old

Yesterday was one week since Oskar was cut out of my uterus, and he's doing really good. He's still breathing on his own and eating about half of his meals from a bottle, though the last day or two he's been doing two or three consecutive bottle feedings. We usually go to the hospital to see him twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. We only get to hold him once a day so we usually do that when we come in the evening. Both times we see him we get to change his diaper and feed him, in the morning we just feed him while he's still in the incubator. I'm getting more confident with feeding him but burping him still makes me nervous. Starting either today or tomorrow I'm going to do skin to skin contact and I'm pretty excited about it. My milk production has been pretty terrible, I can't even make enough to feed him at all of his feedings and he really doesn't eat very much. I'm going to talk to the lactation consultant again on Monday but she did mention that doing skin to skin contact would help with the milk production and I'm really hoping it does. Not making enough to feed him is quite depressing. He got moved into a new room this week because he's doing so well. He also had a routine ultrasound on his head this week to check for brain bleeds and the results were great, he didn't have any bleeding in his brain. Two days ago when they told us last he weighed 2 pounds 11 ounces and even though he's only gained a few ounces so far he looks different to us. The nurses said that if he continues eating like he is he'll put on weight in no time. We're so proud of him! He's such a little feisty guy, he actually pulled out his feeding tube yesterday, something the nurses told us he wasn't strong enough to do. They also said he wouldn't be able to eat from a bottle for two more weeks so I guess they're not used to such incredible babies like Oskar. We love him so much and it's getting harder and harder to leave the hospital every time we go in, I want to take him home NOW. Keep praying for him and hopefully he'll be home in no time.


Ruth McKimson said...

So,so sweet. I'm so glad he's doing well. He's a scrapper, he is.

ktb said...

So, so, so precious!! I am not at all surprised at his unusual feistiness. Afterall, I know his mom really well :) Love you!!!