Friday, January 27, 2012

2 Weeks

Oskar is two weeks old today! When we walked in to the NICU he was wearing clothes, they were preemie size but still big on him. It was so precious. He's still doing really great. Today he weighs 3 pounds 5.6 ounces and he's still eating like a champ. They took out his feeding tube and he now eats exclusively from a bottle. At every feeding he eats more than his allotted amount and yesterday I fed him the entire bottle and he was still hungry the pour little thing, so I poured some more milk in his bottle and he downed the rest of it. Then he pooped a lot. The nurses are way better at maneuvering around a poopy diaper in the incubator than I am. They taped a piece of paper to his incubator outlining the things he needs to accomplish in order to be discharged. He's got all of them crossed off except for two: gain weight and hold his body temperature, and these two kind of go hand in hand. Once he hits 4 pounds and seems to be holding his temperature well they'll put him in an open crib for 48 hours and if by the end of that he's both continued to gain weight and keep a good temp then he can come home! In other news my incision has started bleeding so we went to the doctor yesterday and he thinks I might have a hematoma, a collection of blood under the skin. So I just have to wear gauze pads over the cut now to sop up all that old blood. It's pretty gross. Other than that I've been great.


Ruth McKimson said...

Yeah Jamie, this is what I'm talking about . . . updates!!! Every day!!! Keep it coming!! This is a really good picture of Oskar . . . I feel like now I know what he looks like . . . it looks to me like he's not looking so much like a little old man any more. He's both cute AND precious.

ktb said...

:) he is so cute. Just the tiniest little darling thing!! I'm so glad to hear he is making so much progress! Yay Oskar!!

And feel better!! We should talk soon!! When you can!

Keri said...

He looks chubbier in the face! and so much better without that feeding tube taped to his face. another week? two? til he can come home? he's gaining weight fast!