Monday, February 27, 2012

6 weeks

Oskar is six weeks old now and has spent way too long in various ERs and hospitals. Yet with all the visits we've had the medical professionals continue to be stumped by our little precious. Our pediatrician said this was the most perplexing case he's seen in a long time. On Friday we went to the hospital to get some blood drawn and the people doing it were, in Joel's words, a bunch of pituitary cases. It took them three times with the needle and then when they were done they wrapped the gauze so tight it turned Oskar's arm blue. Then we went back again today to have more blood drawn and yet another X-ray. This poor child has had so much radiation coursing through his body he's going to get cancer. We have yet to hear back about the work done today. I just hope and pray they can find out what is wrong so we can fix it and move on with our lives. That would be really great.

He is 5 pounds 12 ounces now.


Ruth McKimson said...

Was that frog belly pic taken immediately after he'd eaten? It's just proof of the amazing 5-lb.12-oz weigh-in today. Good job little porker!

ktb said...

Wow!! He's getting so big! What an amazing little fellow!! Love you all!! Sending all my love!!

Kelsey said...

Hang in there. Things will get better soon. They have to, right?!? He is adorable and we can't wait until we can PLAY with him!

Keri said...

he's looks right chunky in that first picture - double chin and everything! i wonder how much he'll weigh by the time we go to Loon Lake?!