Sunday, February 19, 2012

... And We're Back

We're back in the hospital. We went to the ER at Primary Children's on Thursday because Oskar had blood in his stool and an elevated heart rate. They did an X-ray and blood work and everything looked normal so they figured it was a milk protein allergy and switched the formula he was on. Since then his poop has looked better but then this afternoon he started freaking out and crying really hard like he was hurting so we called the pediatrician and she told us to bring him back to the ER. After being at the Riverton Hospital ER for a couple of hours this evening he was admitted to the hospital because of an elevated heart rate and because it seems he is having to work a little bit harder to breathe. They did another X-ray and found spots on his lungs that could be the beginnings of a respiratory infection but also could just be that he's a young baby. So we're here at least overnight to watch him and see if he is getting sick not. He's also been eating less and sleeping more. It's been very terrible. I hate the hospital and I hate how much they poke and prod my baby and make him cry. So you know what to do ... keep on praying. Thanks.

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ktb said...

I love you all!! You're always in my thoughts and prayers! Give little Oskar a kiss for me! xoxox