Monday, April 30, 2012

Craft Project

Since I've been excessively bored I decided I wanted to do a craft project.  I found this necklace on Pinterest but the original one looks a lot different and I have no idea why.  The original had the same clusters but they poked out in all different directions, not just down like mine do.  I tried a few different things trying to make it like the picture but nothing worked.  I do like it, I just wish you couldn't see so much metal.  And I think I may want to make a matching bracelet.  Why not, I've got the time.

I was just messing around with the wire and tried out these names.  The wire was so flimsy it was hard to make it take the right shape.  So it looks like a child made it.  Maybe I'll get different wire and try it again.

And just for good measure here is a baby taking a bath.

He actually likes the bath a lot, at least he doesn't cry when we're giving him one so I interpret that as liking it a lot.  Except when he kicks and splashes himself a lot, that makes him mad.  Nevertheless he is very cute but also very slippery and hard to bathe which is why he doesn't get a bath nearly often enough.
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Ruth McKimson said...

What a sweet little froglet. Jamie, keep those pictures coming! I'm so enjoying them!

ktb said...

Way to go crafty mama!! Miss you!!

Kelsey said...

Excellent crafting, the necklace looks fantastic. Will you make me one? :)

Also, Oskar looks so much different! Baths are hard, we are on the once a week schedule. It's enough for a baby...

Maren B said...

I love baby-in-the-bath and I love the necklace. If you decide you don't like it just give it to me.