Monday, July 16, 2012

Camping Trip

Camping this year was not exactly what I'd call fun and relaxing.  It is difficult for me to handle all the worries that I have with Oskar normally so having all these additional variables completely stressed me out and made me have a bad attitude.  I enjoyed the sitting on the beach, playing in the water, and going on the boat along with sitting around the campfire at night but pretty much everything else I could do without.

Kora looking like a bug with her swollen diaper.


I almost blend in with the sand.

I pretty much only put this picture up because Oskar is looking so sweet.

Oskar's first dip into lakewater.  

I believe this sand creation was appropriately named "The Toilet Bowl" perhaps inspired by the naked bottom they saw on the beach.

Joel wanted to take both hats from Grandpa Groves and since I wouldn't wear one of them he wore both the entire trip back including both airports and the shuttle.

A closeup from one of our family pictures.  So sweet.
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Kelsey said...

What naked bottom on the beach?!? I missed that. Love the hats, love little Oskar's precious face in that last picture! Camping is miserable with babies. It'll be better next time.

Ruth McKimson said...

I printed out the picture of Guy Smiley. It's now sitting on my bookshelf along with the others. So so cute.

Joel Ackerman said...

Great body on Joel.