Monday, July 30, 2012

Miles of Stones

Oskar is starting to laugh now, it's the cutest thing.  If only I could figure out how to make him do it more.  

He loves bath time!

He falls asleep in weird positions and sleeps for a good long time.

He can stand!  This just happened this week.  On Thursday or Friday he figured out he could put all his weight in his legs without them giving out constantly.  And he loves it.

He is grabbing and sucking on his toes!  This is another very recent one, he just started doing it yesterday I think.  He hasn't perfected it yet and still gets frustrated because his legs don't always do what he wants them to, like stop kicking for once in his life and just be still so he can grab them.

My awesome friends here threw me a post baby shower since we were in Utah when Oskar was born and had to stay there for so long.  It was so much fun!  We went to a nice little cafe really close to where we live and just got dessert or drinks and talked and had fun.  They also pitched in and gave me money to buy a stroller, which I love.  Now I can go anywhere and just walk around with Oskar.  It's great!
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Ruth McKimson said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! A new post!! I've been waiting! And these are so fun! Picture #3 . . . like father, like son. So, so cute.