Saturday, December 8, 2012

Birthday and Shenanigans

This is the only picture we got that has anything to do with my birthday.  I had to work on my birthday so Joel made me breakfast that morning and got me some books.  One of the books he got me is The Story of the Chinaman's Hat.  It was one of the books Grandma had that I loved.  Now I can read it to Oskar even though it's too long and he can't sit still.  Anway, my friend Halley sent me that giant chocolate bar for my birthday and we set it up next to our gifts of the Magi display.

This has nothing to do with my birthday, it's more of a shenanigan.  One week Joel and I were fighting what seemed like every night and so one night I told him he made me mad and he needed to fix it, and this is what he did.  It totally worked.  Every time I look at this picture I start laughing.  His theory is that mermaids are fish on the bottom and human on the top but mermen are the opposite, fish on the top and human on the bottom.  Hilarious.

I've done two crafts recently, both done hastily without detail or patience.  I like doing crafts a lot but I can't seem to care too much about how they come out.  The first was this done after the likeness of Kelsey's  wreath.  I didn't end up buying enough ornaments and I didn't want to go get more so this had to work.  It's just a little lopsided.  But Oskar likes it and thinks he can plug the glue gun into it, I have no idea where he got that idea.

The second craft was these blasted curtains.  This project was terrible.  I hate sewing.  HATE IT!  I don't have the patience for it.  I wanted to stab the sewing machine with the scissors over and over.  I was so mad I about peed my pants in anger.  I eventually got them done but by the end I was so fed up I didn't care what they looked like so it's a good thing the picture is far enough away or else you could see the terrible workmanship.  But now that they're done and hung up I like the affect they have in our  room, it definitely brightens it up and adds some much needed color.  The fabric actually reminds me of something my Barbie wore, which isn't necessarily a good thing, just something I remembered that you probably don't care about.

And here a few pics of The Precious just for good measure.  His hair looks reddish here but I assure you, it's not.  I think it's just the warm reflection off of his scalp.

Thank goodness he's feeling better!
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Ruth McKimson said...

Good crafting, Jamie! Remember, sewing takes patience. And practice. Keep it up.f

Kelsey said...

Sewing does take patience. Keri used to hate it too...and now she has the sickness just like the rest of us. You'll catch it too I'm sure.

I love the wreath! It looks very nice.