Monday, December 17, 2012

LA Christmas

We've been able to do a few Christmasy things so far while we've still been in LA.  First we went and looked at the Christmas lights.  It was a lot colder than I thought it would be so I ended up wearing Oskar in the carrier which turned out well because it kept both of us warm.

This is the house with the huge creepy Santa.

Then we had a Christmas party at our apartment that was a lot of fun.  We decorated it with decorations we scrounged up from various people and Joel made his special eggnog.  It was a lot of fun!

Lastly we had a ward Christmas party where Santa came!  Oskar wasn't too scared.  The Primary did a live nativity that I helped with and Joel was the narrator.  Our ward goes all out for ward events and this was no exception.  The food was amazing and the decorations looked professional, it probably was professional now that I think about it.  It's been so fun having Oskar's first Christmas and we're excitd that it has only begun.  Oregon, here we come!
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Ruth McKimson said...

What fun!. . . and we're waiting for the fun to arrive in Oregon too.

Keri said...

wait....Joel MADE the eggnog? How does one make eggnog? I'm a little concerned. sounds like you've had fun so far, but it will be nothing compared to Oregon. The fun, I mean.