Thursday, October 10, 2013

21 Months Old

My little baby is 21 months almost, he's going to be 2 soon.  Crazy.  He's eating great, hardly ever throws up, and is hopefully gaining weight, I don't know because we haven't had him on a reliable scale in a while.  He is starting to talk a lot, he'll copy most everything that I do and say which is so cute and dangerous.  He's just hilarious and I love him more than anyone else has ever loved anyone.  I'm serious.

He has been getting sick a lot lately which is no fun.  The latest sickness necessitated us taking him to the pediatrician bright and early one morning because he was wheezing and retracting.  At the office they had him on the nebulizer for two breathing treatments and sent us home with an inhaler that we used for about a week.  I guess it shouldn't be too big of a surprise that he has asthmatic tendencies since they are genetic.  I can handle asthma though, as long as I've got an inhaler for him. With all the stuff we've been through asthma is a breath of fresh air (ha!)

He loves to read books by himself and with me.  When I read my books sometimes I lay down on my stomach on the floor and I've caught him doing that with his books a few times.

He talks a lot now, it's so fun to hear how he pronounces things and to see him copy what I say.  He still pronounces car as die which is a bit cynical of him I think.

Jonathan Lipnicki anyone?

He loves people in general and will go to anyone as long as they're not both a stranger and old, other than that he's their best friend.

He prays with us every night and will alternate folding his arms and then clasping his hands.  I think he does it because I fold my arms and Joel clasps his hands and Oskar just doesn't know which one is right.  I told him he should pray about it.

He's changed his funny walk up a bit, as any comedian must do, and instead of crouching down and doing a Groucho walk he know walks on his heels.  It is equally as funny.

He says no a lot but doesn't say yes at this point in his life. Instead he'll nod his head, unless he's in his carseat then he will kind of  move his stomach back and forth to indicate yes.  It makes me laugh every time.

He's hilarious and he's sweet and he's my favorite precious little baby in the world.
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Ruth McKimson said...

Yay!!! Pictures!!!
Love that hat!
And that cheezy smile is pretty cheezy!

Kelsey said...

He definitely seemed more grown up during this last visit. Crazy what much just a few months will do for a child... Also, we're still singing happy birthday to OddaBoy every night.