Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Basketball Boys

Oskar Boy and Landon had fun playing together this recent trip to Utah.  We went to the Dinosaur Museum and played at Kelsey's house.  Oskar's favorite activity was playing basketball, or badgaball as he says it.  The real star of this video though is Landon, that kid is good.  So when he's a basketball star and they're looking for video of him playing as a toddler you can use this one.


Keri said...

That is so cute! But, ahhhh, what is Landon wearing? A basketball dressy?

Ruth McKimson said...

Landon looks like a wizard!!! Apparently a basketball wizard.

Ruth McKimson said...

Oscar looks like he does pretty well with the badgaball too. He needs a hoop!!!!

Jamie said...

I know! I've been looking on Craigslist every day but haven't found one yet.