Saturday, May 31, 2014


Oskar loves riding his bike and is getting pretty good at it.  We go to the church parking lot about once a week so he can ride around without me having to worry about him getting hit by a car.
We went to Travel Town a week or two ago to look at all the trains.  We got to go inside and look at the engine in one of the trains and we went on a tour through all the different cars.  

I had just given Oskar a bath when he asked to listen to his Sesame Street music.  When I turned it on he just sat down right there and quietly listened for about 10 minutes.  When music is playing, depending on the music, he is captivated by it and will just sit still and listen.

Reading to his friends

We went to a park with friends on Memorial Day and took advantage of the short moments they were sitting down and got some pictures.

I finished the Batman cape!  Oskar loves it and wants to wear it everywhere.


Ruth McKimson said...

Nice work riding your bike, Oskar!! and I like your singing! And nice work, Jamie, on the new blog post!!!! YAYYYY!

Kelsey said...

The cape looks great! Way to go. I think I have a link to a mask template too if he needs a super hero mask to go with the cape...and I'm pretty sure he does... So cute!

Keri said...

that was a precious song. my girls are going to love it. and your cape looks very professional!