Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Update on Oskar

Earlier this week we had another appointment with Dr. See, the pediatric gastroenterologist.  Since meeting with her last time about five or six months ago Oskar has grown about two inches but hasn't gained any weight.  I didn't think that would be too concerning because he's a very busy toddler but she thought it was a bigger deal than I did and has started him on yet another medication, making the total five now, three for reflux and two for asthma.  He's also taking laxatives but hopefully that won't be a long term thing.  Having him on so much medicine is already something I wish we didn't have to do but this new medication has some very scary side effects, tardive dyskinesia being the scariest.  I've not listened to the doctor enough times, been wrong about it, and had enough bad results that even though I don't feel good about this new medicine I'm doing it anyway.  Dr. See says the asthma is caused by the reflux and his lack of growth is also caused by the reflux.  This new medicine will hopefully tighten the muscles that are allowing acid to come up, help with the reflux, and also help the asthma.  He'll have a scope in a few weeks to see how everything is looking generally as well as taking a look at the abnormal cells they found last time.  She also put him on a higher calorie diet where he has a Pediasure in the morning and a meal replacement drink at dinner both taken with his regular meals. All this week since we saw the doctor he hasn't gone to sleep at night without screaming and crying for up to a half an hour, and he is throwing up again when he cries a lot so we're also dealing with that.  I hope all of this will work because I feel like I'm at the end of my rope emotionally dealing with these issues, although I've felt like this many times before and I've found there is more rope left to be discovered.


Ruth McKimson said...

Is the medicine causing him to cry before bedtime? Is he in pain? What do you think it is?

Maren B said...

Poor Oskar/Jamie/Joel! I'm so tired for you.