Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trip to Utah

Last week Joel had to be in Utah for a conference he was speaking at so instead of having him be gone for two days we decided the whole family would go for a week and we would have a little vacation.  Except vacations with children do not exist so really what we had was a trip to see family in Utah.
Oskar loved being in the airport, running around and climbing on all of the chairs and bothering all the people around us.  Those are a few of his favorite things.

We got to be there for Susan's birthday which i didn't get any pictures from!  Then we got to see Kelsey and family.  Oskar loves being at Kelsey's house, there are so many fun things to do and toys to play with and kids to harass.  

Ivy got to meet some new cousins, baby Sophie being one of them.  They are two months apart so they'll be great friends.  Ivy and Oskar are both really lucky.  They both have multiple cousins within months of their own age.

One day we went to Provo and spent some time at BYU, saw Uncle Kamron, and my friend Halley.  We also went up to Provo Canyon.  When I was going to BYU the only time I really spent up Provo Canyon was when I was long boarding down it and now I wish I would have spent more time hiking and enjoying the beauty of it.

Oskar had a GREAT time throwing rocks and sticks into the river, he would have been happy doing that for hours.  He still talks about the Provo River Stream and how much fun it was.

Ivy is SUCH AN ANGEL BABY!  She was so good the entire trip.  There were times she would be in her car seat in the house and I would totally forget about her because she was so quiet.  She slept well, ate well, and was mostly happy except the few times I forget she needed to nap more and kept her up too long.

One evening we got to go to the Children's Discovery Museum in Salt Lake with Kelsey and her family as part of an after hours bloggers only thing.  It was SOO fun.  There were hardly any other people there, which was my favorite part, and there were so many fun toys that Oskar absolutely loved.  His favorite was this water table, he spent most of his time playing here.

The construction site was also a big hit.

And grocery shopping.  Whenever we go to the grocery store here he wants to use the kid's cart which I let him do once and will never do again, it was terrible.  He was running into aisles of food and other people and screaming if I tried to help him.  Terrible.  But here it was great.  He was the only person in the store and did some great shopping.  After he was done he had in his basket: bacon, bread, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Apparently he loves BLTs.  Who can blame him?

And then came the not fun part of the trip.  Oskar got sick on Wednesday and was for the most part out of commission until Saturday.  He got a cold which resulted in an asthma attack and Joel had to take him to the ER in Riverton.  It was a bummer because we lost those three days of our vacation because we weren't able to visit with friends and family.  I felt like we needed to stay a few days longer to make up for it but alas, we couldn't.

The day before we left Jim and Susan left on their 6 week trip to London so we went to their house for one last visit before they left.

And then the trip home.  Oskar did pretty well on the way home, he did get antsy a few times but who can blame him.

And Ivy, once again, was a perfect little angel baby.

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Ruth McKimson said...

Sounds like you had a fun vacation . . . though a working vacation, right? Most are, I think, especially with a 2 1/2 year old. Fun pictures!!!