Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oskar Funnies

Oskar:  I'm going to go to the store and get Daddy Root Beer and you chocolate cake.  Or pie?
Jamie: No, chocolate cake.  But you can't drive until you're 15.
Oskar: [crying]

Oskar:  What kind of cracker is that?
Jamie:  A wheat cracker.
Oskar:  Like wheat, rye, and oats?

Oskar:  What are those boys doing?
Jamie:  They're playing basketball.  They're basketball boys.
Oskar:  I'm a play boy!

During Sacrament Meeting Joel was trying to talk to Oskar about the sacrament and what the bread and water mean.
Oskar (fairly loudly during the Sacrament): I think Heavenly Father and Jesus should come to our house and watch Star Wars and find out what happens to the Stormtroopers and the bad guy in black.

Oskar:  I crashed my teeth into my tongue.

Jamie:  Let me get my bearings.
Oskar:  Daddy ate your berries!

Can baby sister just chill right here for a while?

Can I have a piece of your post to put in my pocket? (This was an influence from Peppa Pig i'm sure)

Mama, I wish I could have 20 fingers.

Is that the famous castle that Jesus lives in?

I want to eat some grass of cheese (grated cheese).

I suspect it's a bit funny.

Baby Sister's face makes me sensitive.

Oskar to Jamie:  What should I wear my little sweet?

Joel:  Don't throw things, Oskar.
Oskar:  I'm just responding!

You don't have any chokes in you, Mom, you just have kisses (about choking on a sucker).

(Talking about watermelon) I'm not going to share with all the world but I'm going to share with me.


Pete and Bekah Ackerman said...

He is so adorable! And Jamie you look BEAUTIFUL in that new family picture. I'm so glad you keep blogging so I can keep up with your cute kids!

Ruth McKimson said...

I just love the quotes posts. And it's a good way to document these treasures so you won't forget.
Keep 'em coming!

Maren B said...


Keri said...

What a character. Where could he have gotten that?