Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Obsession

I have so many pictures of this little sweetheart, every face she makes is so precious that I have to capture them all.  

She's still a perfect little angel, a good eater, a good sleeper, I have no complaints!  She also only poops once every few days to once every two weeks so I don't even have to deal with many poopy diapers!  She's three months old now and I'm just waiting for the hard stuff to come, there's alway hard stuff right?  I do suspect that she seems so incredibly easy because Oskar was so difficult.  She's probably just a normal baby, but man, I could have 10 normal babies!  


Keri said...

Those are such cute pictures! Ishes so expressive! And chubby. 10 babies huh? I think the hard part comes when they're about 3. Up to that part is mostly fun and sweet.

Maren B said...

How wonderful. She is so precious and she looks like you. Beware that some perfect, easy babies suddenly become toddler nightmares (LOLI). May it not be so with Ivy.