Friday, June 12, 2015

Random photos from the last year

These are pictures from my phone from the last year that never made the cut on to my blog but are still precious and/or funny.

Ivy at 3 or 4 months I think.

Grandpa pushing Oskar in the dump truck after Thanksgiving dinner.  This was after we went on the phone pole rope swing.

Joel enjoying his phosphate.

I tried to see what she would look like with long hair.  It didn't really work.

Oskar in an abandoned shopping basket.


Oskar as Darth Vader

Oskar getting in trouble at the thrift store.

Ivy doing yoga.

At the Fireman Museum

Hahaha, I love this picture.

Oskar would have made a darling girl.

This is how they sit whenever I vacuum.

Opossum crossing the road.  What a creepy little guy.

Ivy's rattail

First time in her whole swimming costume.

Holy fat face

Oskar said he spelled, "This is my opportunity."

This is another favorite, she's just so jowly.

Oskar didn't get a Bullseye so he decided Ivy would suffice.


Oskar looking like a teenager.


Ruth McKimson said...

Looking at these pictures makes me wonder if Oskar can even remember his world pre-Ivy. Hopefully they're good little playmates . . . except of course when Oskar uses Ivy as a bullseye. I also love he pacifier/flower in the eye pic. Hilarious!!

Keri said...

please tell me you have cut off the rattail. gag. she is such a sweet sleeper! Mouth open I noticed.....who did she inherit that from?